Licensing :

The PhenoDB software is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Downloads Registration :

Fill in all fields above and click the 'Submit Registration' button.

You will be given the link to download the software once your have submitted your registration. Additionally we will be sending you an email containing the same download instructions, and we will be sending you an email when new versions of PhenoDB are released in the future.

Software Requirements :

PhenoDB is built on the Django web application framework and uses MySQL as the underlying database. It is designed to run on recent releases of RedHat, Centos and Fedora Code. It requires 20GB of disc space and 4GB of memory to run (8GB if you need to run analyses.)

The distribution is composed of a compressed 'tar' file which contains both the PhenoDB software and all the software tools to run it.

The root directory of the software includes a README.TXT which contains instructions on how to install the software with the included installer, and how to install the software manually should you want a custom installation. You will need to read this file before doing an installation.

If you are upgrading your PhenoDB installation, you will need to check the VERSIONS.TXT file which contains information on each version of PhenoDB as well as special instructions on how to upgrade from version to version.